Our students connecting life with faith through Prayer Spaces

There will be a reflection, scripture and an activity for all students to take part in so that this week can be an opportunity for every person to enter their own sacred space. You are welcome to visit our prayer spaces. These are our themes...

Palm Sunday - Joy

The Last Supper - Friendship

Gethsemane - Big Questions

Carrying the Cross - Worries

Simon’s Help - Helping others

Forgive them Father - Forgiveness

The Cross - Sorry

Resurrection - Hopes and Dreams

Great Commission - The World

‘Prayer is key to a living faith, nourishing the soul and orienting each person to God. The Catholic school makes time to pray daily, keeping the presence of God at the forefront of each school day and connecting it to the church community and the wider world. In Melbourne’s multi-faith and diverse cultural context, the school community respectfully invites all to prayer, enabling deep encounters between faith and contemporary life, while encouraging a lived response. Drawing from rich prayer traditions, a variety of ways of praying are encouraged: individual and communal, vocal and silent, informal and liturgical. Prayer engenders a way of being in the world and a perspective on life that, at times, can be challenging and counter-cultural. Through prayer, the sacred is acknowledged, assented to and celebrated. It marks the times when we affirm the presence of God and the sacredness of everyday life. Members of the Catholic school community embrace a prayerful attitude that is open to a personal encounter with God and nurturing of humility, reflection, and a rich inner life.’

(Religious Dimension of the Catholic School, a foundation statement of Horizons of Hope: An Education Framework for the Archdiocese of Melbourne)


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